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At Marine Works we are dedicated to the maintenance and repair of boats and sailboats from small dinghies to luxurious yachts!

Whether it is a small repair or structural reconstruction we are your best option. Located inside OPEQUIMAR boatyard we are authorized independent contractor that will provide you with the best quality service at a reasonable price.

The ability of the TRAVEL LIFT that can haul boats up to 80 ton coupled with Juan A. González 15 year experience in local resources will insure a positive experience with us.

Be assured...our bilingual staff is committed to assisting you with the best of the advice before, during and after your boat is finished to your complete satisfaction.

No matter what your requirements, you can rest assured that we only used the best quality products and parts, and that customer service, satisfaction and safety are our number one priorities!

Marine Works Staff

Also hydraulic, Electrical and Plumbing repair and maintenance!